Bianca is a first-generation Latina American whose parents immigrated to New York from Paraguay. She spent her summer weekends on the beach with her family where she found her love for the ocean, air, and sand. During her fashion wholesale career in NYC, she often found herself working with brands that were both lacking in diversity and unconcerned with environmental sustainability. Before long, she knew it was time to embrace her unique vision and found her own brand, Inez Valentine. Her desire to create sustainable, responsible fashion goes hand in hand with her eye for simple yet elegant design. Bianca is here to inspire the next young voice to be bold and follow every dream, wherever it may lead.



Rocco is a queer man who grew up in a small town on the Long Island Sound before he stepped out of his comfort zone to follow his dreams in NYC. His love runs as deep for his quaint seaside hometown as it does for the bright lights of the city. Rocco has years of experience in fashion, working with multiple e-commerce brands and styling, all while developing a keen understanding of the industry. Rocco’s extensive styling experience has brought him deeply in touch with women and their energy, and his connection to the female form made swimwear a perfect fit. His belief in sustainable fashion and his strong connection to Brooklyn, both drive his creative influence for Inez Valentine.


Fashion is our means of self-expression; our art. Our swim is for deep diving in the glimmer of the ocean and striding confidently on the street with a pair of vintage cutoffs. We desire to challenge the boundaries of luxury sustainable fabrics & deliver a new perspective on womenswear style while celebrating the female form.

Inez Valentine is for the lovers, the dreamers, the go-getters, the loungers...and everyone in between.


Inez Valentine...follow the girl.